mFLASH can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain.

mFLASH is used from Smartphones that function under Apple with at minimum the iOs7 version (optimized version) and under Android with at minimum the 4.2 version.

You can use the same mFLASH account on several Smartphones and tablets. Access from a PC is not available for the moment.

The mFLASH application is compatible with all mobile operators. You just need to have a valid Swiss, French, German, Italian or Luxembourgish mobile number to communicate with mFLASH.

mFLASH is compatible with all prepaid SIM cards.

Push notifications enable you to remain accessible even when the application is inactive. Thanks to this Battery Saver system, the battery of your smartphone will not run down after a couple of hours. So we strongly recommend you to accept this option when registering.

Firstly it is possible that the process of sending takes more time depending on your mobile operator.
If you haven’t received the activation code after several minutes, please restart the registration by clicking on the return button of your navigator or of the application.

The activation code is valid for 30 minutes. After that time you need to restart the registration.

We invite you to check that the code entered is still valid. The activation code is valid for 30 minutes. Once this period has expired, you need to restart the registration. You will receive a new activation code.
If you have confirmed your registration request several times and received several activation codes, please use the last code received from mFLASH.
If you still don’t succeed in registering, send a request via the contact form available on mflash.com. Select the subject Download and Registration.

Changing the password when registering allows you to choose a personal and unique password to increase the security of your account. It also lets you choose a password you like and find easier to remember.

Providing your e-mail when registering makes it possible to reset your mFLASH password by e-mail in the event of loss or failure to remember it. Please note that you can then register or modify your e-mail on your account mFLASH my.mflash.com / page Personal details or Password. It also enables mFLASH to inform if your credit is too low or in case an automatic rechage has not succeeded.


A question? A comment? Don't hesitate to contact the mFLASH customer service available in French, German, Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. We will answer you within 24 hours.